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EX30 can fulfill various microscopic examinations such as brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence, simple polarizing etc. Under the strong, stable, innovation design of structure, EX30 is competent for university of biomedicine, Laboratories and relevant institutions.


Seidentopf Binocular/Trinocular Head inclined at 30°,
Interpupillary Range 48mm-76mm
Eyepiece tube can be raiser to heighten observation height,
Optical system is infinity color corrected optical system
Pair of PL10X/20T , FN20mm Plan wide field with adjustable
diopter eyepieces and 1 pointer
Reversed quadruple/quintuple with OIP Infinity Plan Achromatic objective
4X(NA0.1) WD 11.9,
10X(NA0.25) WD 12.1,
40X(NA0.65) WD 0.36,
100X (NA1.25)(oil) WD 0.18
Mechanical Stage with coaxial drive control Size: 150mm X 140mm, move range 76x50 mm, precision 0.1mm, damping clips
NA1.25 Koehler illuminatory condenser (with socket for phase contrast and DF device)
100V-240 fluturate of voltage, Single high brightness 3W LED with continuous intensity control
Fluorescence, Polarizer, Phase Contrast inserter and objective,
Darkfield Inserter, Dioptor Eyepiece 10X/22mm,
6V/30W halogen illuminator,Digital Camera Adapter,
Objective 60x (NA 0.85) WD 0.3,
Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorecence objective