Laboratory BiologicalMicroscope CX40


CX40 Series characteristics:

  • Infinity color corrected optical system, new upgraded
  • Koehler illuminator system, presents a clear & bright micro-image under each magnification.
  • Fire-New ergonomic design, steady system structure
  • Easy operation is suitable for various working environments.
  • Building blocks design for combining multiple function,fluorescence, phase contrast, polarizing,dark field attachments can be assembled on the basis of bright field observation.
  • Widely apply to clinical diagnosis, teaching experiment,pathological test and other micro-fields.

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Seidentopf Binocular /Trinocular Head inclined at 30°,
Interpupillary Range 54mm-75mm, diopter adjustment
Pair of PL10X/22 , FN22mm wide-field high eye-point Plan eyepiece
Revolving quadruple / quintuple nosepiece , Infinity plan achromatic /
phase contrast / semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives
Standard Infinity Plan objective 4x WD 5.0, 10x WD 12.1, 40x WD 0.36,
100x WD 0.18
Coaxial focus system with upper limit and tension adjustable,
Coarse focusing scope is 30 mm
fine precision: 0.002 mm; focus height adjustable
Mechanical Stage with coaxial drive control Size: 175mm X 145mm platform, extension plate and moveable move range 76 x 50 mm
NA 0.9 swing-out type achromatic condenser;
NA 1.2/0.22 swing-out type achromatic condenser;
NA 1.25 quintuple phase contrast condenser;
NA 0.9 dry dark field condenser;
NA 1.25 oil dark field condenser,
6V30W halogen intensity adjustable, wide voltage 100-240V ,
built-in transmitted Koehler illuminator.
Optional Inf Plan 2x WD 5.0, 20x WD 1.5, 60x WD 0.3
Option Plan PH series 10xWD12.1, 20xWD1.5, 40xWD0.36, 100xWD0.18
Option Plan Fluor series 4xWD18.5, 10xWD10.6, 20xWD2.33, 40xWD0.6,
100x WD 0.21
Stage 187x167mm double layer meachanical stage,
moving range 80x55mm
Reflected fluorescence illuminator system, polarizing system